The GOOD MAN. Movement

“Good man.” - Andres Mendez 2008

The Phrase That Started It All

GOOD MAN. started out as a phrase said by meany as a term of endearment among peers, the phrase as we’ve come to know and love it was first coined by none other than our very own Andres Mendez in early 2008. He began to say it to people for more than just what the original saying was for, and suddenly anyone and everyone could be a good man if they so choose to be by doing the morally right thing in any given scenario , this opened the way to the saying becoming something of a movement.

The Movement

In the Fall of 2017 Andres met a man by the name of Robert Galasso, who helped organize and give direction to the movement by establishing an online presence, deciding to highlight both the historic and current honorable achievements of men and women and honoring their loyal customers and fans to spread the word of the good man movement.

But, what about the shirts?

The GOOD MAN. shirts came into being in late 2017 when (as a joke) Andres said “I should make Good Man shirts” Robert thought this was a great idea and hopped on board immediately, designing and printing the shirts as fast as he could. Their first round of shirts were a success and people enjoyed them; so we keep at it to this day to provide top quality good man merch to our GOOD MEN. and we never stop trying to come up with new ideas that we think our customers will enjoy.

The Future of GOOD MAN.?

GOOD MAN. as it is right now is an online place where we sell our tees and share interesting stories of notable people, as well as highlight our excellent fans and customers; BUT, we are looking to do EVEN MORE! in the coming months KEEP YOUR EYE ON GOOD MAN.
“GOOD things are coming” - Robert Galasso